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Alfa Romeo MiTo

  • Model: Mito
  • Year: 2009
  • Gear Type: Manual
  • Boot size: Single/Small
  • Safety Rating: 4
  • Add-ons: MP3, Aircon, Electric Windows
  • Overall Satisfaction: My true love
  • Listed: July 21, 2014 10:00 pm
  • Expires: This ad has expired
Mito 1
Mito 2

Best feature

I love the MiTo. It has the wonderful Italian design with a lot of attitude and great fuel efficiency. I’ve loved it from the moment I laid my eyes on it. My car is the 2009 generation with a 1.4l engine. The engine has 135hp and it is a perfect mixture of sporty features and fuel efficiency. It reaches 100km/h in just 8.5 seconds and has the top speed of more than 200km/h. Mind you, there are several different engines in the MiTo with the same 1.4ccm displacement, but all with different engine powers ranging from 78hp to 170hp, so be sure to check which one you are buying. Fuel efficiency ranges from fewer than 5l/100km on open roads to about 8l/100km in heavy city traffic. This is really great for a car that can do 200km/h. The exterior is in the wonderful retro style with quirky Italian details such as the headlights, vertical Alfa grille, or the weird taillights that you either love or hate. I love them. However, the interior is my favourite part of this car. Leather seats look just great and they provide reliable support during sharper turns. The gears stick also has that retro design and I absolutely love it. The dashboard clocks are very clear and, even though the whole setup is symmetrical, they pack loads of style and playfulness. I also love how all the controls are grouped and the air vents design is a perfect example of simple style and practicality. They can be opened, closed, turned into virtually any direction and all this with a simple move of your hand. Nothing complicated, but perfectly functional. Many other Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars have these and I simply love them. A great addition is the DNA switch next to the gears stick. It helps you choose from the three modes of driving available – Dynamic, Normal and All Weather. The Normal is, well, normal, Dynamic stiffens everything up for a bit sportier feel and the All Weather puts safety first and highlights the input of the traction control system which helps you keep a straight line even in rain or snow. From what I hear, the 2011 facelift brought many improvements for the MiTo, but I really don’t have much to complain about with the ‘old’ one either. If it really is that better, it might easily be my next car.

Worst feature

As for the gripes, there is something about the interior I don’t like. The steering wheel. It’s not terrible, or anything, but it looks pretty simple especially compared to the rest of the interior and, even though it’s adjustable in all directions, I found it hard to find a position in which it wouldn’t block at least a part of the view of the wonderful dashboard clocks.

The ride is a bit stiff, but this is normal for a car of this size. On nice roads, you will have no problems.

Also, some might find the next thing a big problem. The MiTo is a small car. There is not much room in the back and there is almost no way for three people to sit in the back. Add to this the boot size of 269l and some people might find the MiTo too small. I have no need for a large car and I love the agility and sportiness of the MiTo, but I thought some people would like to know this.

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