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Chevrolet Spark

  • Model: Spark
  • Year: 2011
  • Gear Type: Manual
  • Boot size: Couple/Medium
  • Safety Rating: 5
  • Add-ons: MP3, Aircon, Electric Windows, Magnesium Wheels
  • Overall Satisfaction: Loved it
  • Listed: March 22, 2014 8:23 am
  • Expires: This ad has expired

Best feature

A great city car. It is very easy to drive. It is compact and its back is pretty flat, making it easy to know how far away from an obstacle you are while reversing or parking. Even though it is small, it is very easy to get in or out and there is enough room at the back. Even the boot is surprisingly large for a car of this size. The 1.2l petrol engine gives sufficient power of 84 horsepower, top speed of 164km/h and great fuel consumption of about 7l/100km in the city, but also well under 5l/100km outside urban areas (I actually got 4.4 once). The design is great. The outside seems a bit aggressive, which is great and the interior looks interesting, especially the instrument cluster.

Worst feature

The engine does not have a lot of torque, so overtaking and acceleration can be a bit difficult. The ride is also pretty bouncy, but this is so with all small cars, and the seats are a bit stiff. All this makes it not very good for long travels, where a bigger car would be a lot better.

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