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Mazda 3, 1.5L Comfort – 2014

  • Model: Mazda 3 1.5
  • Year: 2014
  • Gear Type: Manual
  • Boot size: Couple/Medium
  • Safety Rating: 5
  • Add-ons: MP3, Aircon, Electric Windows
  • Overall Satisfaction: Loved it
  • Listed: July 18, 2014 5:58 pm
  • Expires: This ad has expired
Mazda 3 1
Mazda 3 2

Best feature

The new model of the Mazda 3 has SkyActive package, which means that it shares a lot with the Mazda 6, which is a nice perk, because the 6 is a more expensive and exclusive car and manufacturers are very careful with these. Unfortunately, this does mean that some spare parts will be more expensive, but since this is a Mazda which is less than a year old, so I don't expect any problems soon. I have a 1.5l engine with 117hp and it is pretty good in the city during short and undemanding rides, but high-speed highway cruising puts a bit of strain on the car. I was told there is another 1.5l engine for the new Mazda 3, but it has just 100 hp, so be careful what you buy. My Mazda 3 has manual gears, although automatic was available. I simply prefer the manuals. I like the control they give me and they are far cheaper to service and have fewer things that can go wrong. The shifting is nice and easy and the stick is right at hand. Talking about the additional equipment I have bunch of stuff such as cruise control, push-button start, multi-functional steering wheel, sound warnings for loads of stuff (lane departure, something in your blind spot - a very useful feature), but also some things which look amazing but are fairly surplus in my opinion, such as automatic headlights and wipers. Nice features, but too modern and completely unnecessary in my opinion. There are several available wheel sizes ranging from 16" to 18". The 18" look great, but they are too stiff for a car of this size and they can put more strain on the suspension, so I strongly recommend the smaller wheels. The ride is much smoother and more comfortable with 16” wheels mounted. The interior is perfect for me. Leather is of high quality and there is not much stitching. Plastics are also nice and soft to touch. This is important due to those squeaks that might occur as teh car gets older. There is an elegant 7-inch screen on top of the dashboard. These usually look like someone glued a tablet to the dashboard, but they are very useful and the high position means that the screen will be easy to use. There are large bottle holders in the central part right behind the gears stick. All the other controls are placed right in front of the gears stick, or just behind it, which are both perfect places, since they will be at hand. Most of the front ones are elevated just a bit and I like this, because the gear stick will not block your approach when in 3rd of 5th gear. Driving position is just great. I've already mentioned the easy access controls and the steering wheel adjusts in all directions. Perfect. In my Mazda there is a head-up display atop of the dashboard clock's housing. A cute addition. Electronic adaptive steering makes city turning incredibly light and it automatically stiffens at higher speeds, which gives more feel and eliminates the possibility of dangerous jerky turns at 120km/h. The fuel consumption varies according to the driving conditions but an average of just under 6l/100km might be realistic. There is enough room in the back and you'll love the rounded edges of the seats as you are dealing with the kid-seats. The seats do have that 60/40 fold I mentioned. The boot isn't big, but it's ok. The sedan's is significantly bigger. The access is wide and nice, although a flat loading floor would have been nice, especially for the bulkier stuff, but I don't know any car with this size that has it.

Worst feature

I’m not really into these modernized dashboard instruments and I prefer the older elegant ones, but I can’t say these look bad.

There is not much storage space, apart from the glove compartment and the central console holes and under the handrest. But these are mostly of smaller capacity. There is some space in the doors, but nothing to brag about.

The ‘bad’ stuff I have come across includes the rear visibility and a somewhat back-pushed side mirrors. When they are pushed further ahead you only need to glance at them, but when they are like this, you need to turn your head. Not a big thing, though.

The previous Mazda 3 was a small car with small car feel on longer trips. This one has better seats and better suspension and it’s a joy to drive on longer trips. The only issue here could be the engine which is a bit small for high-speed highway cruising. Sixth speed helps with this, but a larger engine, or possibly a diesel might be a better option.

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