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Volvo V40 Cross Country

  • Model: V40 Cross Country
  • Year: 2013
  • Gear Type: Automatic
  • Boot size: Couple/Medium
  • Safety Rating: 5
  • Add-ons: MP3, Aircon, Electric Windows, Sun Roof, More
  • Overall Satisfaction: My true love
  • Listed: November 22, 2014 11:29 am
  • Expires: This ad has expired
Volvo V40 Cross Country 1
Volvo V40 Cross Country - Image 1Volvo V40 Cross Country - Image 2

Best feature

I have always admired Volvo for their rugged cars with utilitarian nature. Not that the design was neglected – most of them I absolutely loved – but the main feature of every Volvo I liked was that it was perfect for what it was meant to do. In the recent years, they have moved more towards global trends, but Volvo is still Volvo. If you want a particular class of a car to serve a particular purpose, search through their lineup and choose the one that represents the class you need. I promise you, it will be a perfect representative of the class. I needed a crossover. Something between a hatchback and a terrain machine. I often travel the roads which are not in the best condition and I also spend a lot of time driving around the city. So, a car large enough to provide space and comfort, compact enough to allow city maneuvering and parking and with enough ground clearance to make driving through occasional potholes safe and reasonably comfortable. I skimmed through the Volvo lineup and selected the V40 Cross Country. And it was a perfect decision. I love petrols, so I opted for a 2 l petrol engine despite the fact that Volvo’s diesel engines are among the best on the market. It has 213 HP and having in mind that the V40 is very not very heavy, this is enough power to make driving fun. The top speed is 225 km/h and the acceleration to 10 km/h takes only about 7 seconds. I did say that I tend to drive on bad roads at times, but I didn’t mean off-road, so I didn’t need all-wheel-drive. I opted for front-wheel-drive and thus also for a bit reduced consumption which is close to 8l/100km on average. The gears are automatic and there are six of them. I have no complaints regarding the gearbox – it works like a charm – but Volvo now has an eight-speed automatic which is said to be a lot better. I can’t wait to try it out. The V40 Cross Country is 40 mm higher than the regular V40, which affects the design. But height is not the only change. Compared to the standard V40, it looks like an upgraded and modernized version of it with retouches done in almost every aspect of the exterior. Speaking of the inside, the V40 Cross Country is similarly amazing. The ergonomics are great and the design philosophy of sharp shapes, but somehow warm atmosphere is a real refreshment on the market. There is enough room for five passengers although the two in the front will enjoy longer trips far more than the three in the back.

Worst feature

As you might have noticed by my review so far, I like Volvo and I absolutely love the V40 Cross Country, but if I wanted to be completely objective, I would have to mention several things that have popped up as downsides during my year of having the car.
The boot is reasonably sized with a volume of 334L. However, at times I have wished that the size was a bit more. Still, having a compact car with room for five people and a huge boot is literally impossible.
The central console looks just great, but I did need some time to get used to the crowded placement of buttons on it. However, now I feel right at home inside.

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